About me

I am an artist based on the small Island of Anglesey off the coast of North Wales.

Having studied art and fashion illustration at colleges in Wales and London, I returned home to Anglesey, settling down and raising a family.  This island has a way of drawing you back.

As my the children grew and started to go to school I found I had more time on my hands so, I began to get back into being creative.  With my love of textiles, illustration and craft I started a small business – “Messie Jessie”, taking its name from my eldest daughter.

Each piece of work is hand crafted and truly original. I work with mixed media, favoring collage and altered art.  Being somewhat of a magpie, my work frequently features found objects, recycled jewelery, beads and fabrics.

The pieces featured here are my own personal favourites.  Many of them have been sold or are being exhibited elsewhere and this is my way of keeping in topuch with them.

I sell my art locally but, looking for another outlet came across Etsy, with which Tom is now helping me to try and establish an online presence.  The whole “online” thing is a new adventure for both of us and we’ve started a blog to accompany our efforts.  The blog features my work using photos not used on Etsy, and includes comments from Tom on our journey into the online world.  We both post to the blog, in the form of an ongoing conversation, which we hope makes it a little different to your usual blog.

The blog – www.messiejssieblog.co.uk

Our online store - www.messiejessie.co.uk

The Etsy store – www.messsiejessie.etsy.com (watch out for the three S’s – full explanation on the blog).