Alice (Drink Me)

Assemblage Art Dresses Made From Paper and Fabric with hardbacked book cover background.

Small 13cm long, 16cm wide, 8cm depth, paper fabric assemblage dress.

A small three dimensional assemblage comprising a backdrop fashioned from the remenants of the book from which the dresses are made. The book has been fashinoned into a cupboard with a hinged door. Within the cupboard is a rail and three hooks. Outside on the wall is a fourth hook with a tiny intage cabinate key (So Alice can open the door). Behind the door is a minature dress for Alice to wear when she enters the minature world. On the side of the book hangs a tiny bottle bearing the lable “Drink Me”.

On the fornt of the book is a quote from the book Alice in Wonderland.

The assemblage can be shown either open or closed.

    Alice (Drink Me)