Art Doll Wire and Paper Sculpture – 32cm long, 25cm wide, 21cm deep.

A small sitting figure constructed from wire and papier mache, with a billowing ballet skirt made from a light viscose material. The bodice is kept very simple and like the body, is formed from papier mache.

The hair is a combination of the material used to make the dress, papier mache and wire. Sewn to the hair are some small pearly beads.

I’ve kept the figure very simple; I like my figures to only give a hint of who they are.

The figure has no base, she is ready to sit on the edge of any shelf, chest, book or any flat surface you like. She is designed to look as if she has just sat herself down of her own accord, in a place of her own choosing.

Based on one of the snowflakes from the ballet – The Nutcracker.